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Software Technologies has a strong track record producing world-class software solutions. While we have considerable expertise in GIS technologies, we also have a large development team with the skills to meet a broad range of requirements. Our cost-effective solutions provide our clients with the advantage of minimizing time to market, thus increasing the profitability of their businesses.

The Software Technologies team leverages vast experience to execute complex projects in a variety of areas. This expertise is also valuable for clients that choose ongoing technical support for the products that we develop.

In addition to having the knowledge to effectively complete most software related projects, Software Technologies has a unique expertise in the following areas:

  • GIS solutions development
  • Desktop mapping
  • Internet mapping; IMS (Internet Map Server) development
  • ESRI ArcIMS (tm) extensions development
  • LBS (Location Based Services) solutions
  • Geocoding and Routing algorithms
  • Data analysis, conversion, and SDC compression
  • E-business solutions development
  • Wireless solutions development
  • Voice-enabling enterprise solutions
  • Handheld PCs software development
  • Custom software solutions development


Software Technologies is highly skilled in a variety of technologies. These include C++, C#, Java, ASP.NET/JScript/ActionScript.

We also have the skills to develop on the platform that is most appropriate for our clients' needs.
We create products for Windows, UNIX, iOS, and Android platforms.

We use leading edge tools to ensure that we meet our clients' objectives. These tools include MS Visual Studio, MS Project, Subversion, JIRA and many others.


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